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Our organizations are more successful and make better business decisions when data is properly modeled – that is, when data is correctly and consistently named, defined, understood, and documented in a precise language to foster communication within and across teams. Data Modeling Zone (DMZ), which runs annually in the US, Europe, and Australia,  is the conference where attendees can sharpen their data modeling skills and share experiences with other data modelers, analysts, architects, and database experts.

  • I like the size of the conference and the informality of the conference where many of the conference attendees are becoming good friends. The depths of the topics are rich.
    Michael Anderson, IBM
  • Half day sessions were phenomenal. Great value. Loved the inspirational - non-data modeling keynotes. Not that I'm aware of but I really enjoyed Anchor Modeling as something on the cutting edge that is still relevant but something I wouldn't have found out about on my own - ever. It's like going to the book store, browsing, and finding something I didn't even know was out there and wasn't looking for. I think that bringing some of these leading edge approaches and topics to the community provides tremendous value since there's no other way to get this.
    Jon Tarrant, Mind Over Machines
  • I love the variety of keynote speakers and sessions.
    Tori Samples, Hospital Corporation of America
  • The Data Modeling Zone presentations had a nice balance between the practical, technical and soft skills one needs to be aware of in one's data modeling career. You also learn and share a lot of information and strategies in the side conversations.
    Steven Ross, Nationwide Insurance
  • Good variety of speakers and topics. Great having extended morning sessions for more deep dives.
    Steve Truesdale, National Student Clearinghouse
  • Really enjoyed the conference. This is the first time I have been able to attend a smaller focused conference. I have always attended TDWI or MicroStrategy World conferences in the past where it is difficult to find focused sessions on data modeling. I am looking forward to next year!
    Bob Kellum, HealthTrust

Data Modeler 2020 – Ask Your Question!


Five of the top leaders in data management will be answering your questions on the future of data modeling during their Data Modeler 2020 keynote on Monday at DMZ. Pose your question below and there is a good chance we will ask it during the keynote!

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DMZ 2015 Keynote Speaker Ed Viesturs on the Annapurna Peak

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Oct 5-7 2015 in Chapel Hill, NC

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DMZ Europe
Sept 28-29 2015 in Hamburg, Germany

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DMZ Australia
DMZ Australia 2015 was a great success, and 2016 dates will be announced shortly!

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