Data modeling is all about precisely capturing business requirements, leading to more successful operational and analytical applications. Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is the annual conference in the US and in Europe where you can sharpen your data modeling skills, share experiences with other data professionals, and help shape our data modeling industry. DMZ US (Oct 16-18 in Hartford, Connecticut) contains over 50 sessions crossing five tracks: Foundational Data Modeling, Requirements and Communication, Big Data and Architecture, Hands-On and Case Studies, and Advanced Data Modeling.

Data modeling is all about understanding the data used within our operational and analytics processes, documenting this knowledge in a precise form called the “data model”, and then validating this knowledge through communication with both business and IT stakeholders. Underlying all successful applications is a robust and precise data model, and the best place to equip your team with data modeling skills is Data Modeling Zone (DMZ), an annual conference in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Have questions?

Power of Data Modeling

Join us at a DMZ conference to:

  • Sharpen your data modeling skills
  • Learn from the modeling masters
  • Benefit from dozens of case studies
  • Explore leading edge technologies
  • Network and share experiences


Time and place to be announced shortly!

Additional events

Asia Pacific

March 7-8 2019 in Canberra, Australia

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DMZ 2018 Speakers (Over 60!)

DMZ 2019

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