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What is DMZ?

Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is the annual conference in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific where you can sharpen your analysis and design skills, share experiences with other data professionals, and shape our data modeling industry.

No matter your skill level, DMZ tracks and themes will up your game, and you’ll model operational and analytics applications which exceed your users’ expectations again and again. DMZ tracks and themes vary by event and cover:

  • Requirements and Analysis
  • Foundational Data Modeling
  • Big Data (NoSQL) and Architecture
  • Innovative Design Techniques
  • Tangential Topics like Data Catalogs and Data Quality
  • Hands-On Practice and Case Studies
  • Certifications
  • Advanced Data Modeling.



Data modeling is all about communicating precisely about data, from understanding some aspect of the real world and to designing data structured to meet business requirements — data designed precisely leads to more successful operational and analytical applications.

Design your information for the digital enterprise! Underlying all successful applications is a robust and precise data model, and the best place to equip your team with data modeling skills is Data Modeling Zone (DMZ), an annual conference in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. 

The Power of Data Modeling

Join us at a DMZ conference to:

Sharpen your data modeling skills

Learn from the modeling masters

Benefit from dozens of case studies

Explore leading-edge technologies

Network and share experiences

We enjoyed the variety of topics and more importantly, we enjoyed being able to have discussions with the presenters during the week. The caliber of the presenters is outstanding.The positive energy that is the base culture of DMZ is truly special and unique!
B. Heafey

Upcoming Conferences


2021 dates to be announced
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April 2021 in Antwerp, Belgium

Asia Pacific

July 2021 in Melbourne

Additional events

Data Modeling Master Class

Steve Hoberman
14-18 Dec 2020
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Advanced Data Modeling Workshop

Steve Hoberman
7-10 Dec 2020

Data Modeling Fundamentals

Steve Hoberman
28-30 June 2021
Learn More

A Foundation for All Things Process

Roger Burlton
30 June 2021
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Becoming “Data Smart” – Data Literacy and Data Fluency

Dave Wells
30 June 2021
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Additional events

Data Modeling Fundamentals

Steve Hoberman
29-30 June 2021
Learn More

Advanced Data Architecture Workshop

Dr. Asif Gill
29-30 June 2021

Data Management Tools & Best Practice

John Gray
30 June 2021
Learn More

How To Choose Data Management Tools

John Gray
30 June 2021
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CDMP Exam Cram Workshop

Lloyd Robinson
29-30 June 2021
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DMZ Speakers

Len Silverston

Universal Data Models
Man with red tie

Dan McGrath

Data Science

Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi

Artificial Intelligence

Scott Ambler

Agile Data Modeling

Dirk Lerner

Business Intelligence

John Giles

Information Architecture

Austin Zellner


David Hay

Data Model Patterns

Steve Hoberman

Data Modeling Addict

Remco Broekmans

Data Vault Modeling

Graham Witt

Dynamic Data Modeling
Man in blue business shirt

Dave Wells

Data Management

Dr Graeme Port

Fact Based Modeling

Mark Ouska


Andrew Smailes

Data Strategy

Roger Burlton

Business Process Management

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