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Grooming Data Modelers

Sue Geuens, President of DAMA International

Very often people fall into the data world – almost by accident. But, once in, how on earth do we as a “newbie” Data Management professional move forward? And what do our employers need to do to make sure that we actually fit into the new world we are navigating?

Sue has spent more than 20 years now in Data Management, is a self-confessed “dataholic”, totally loves what she does and is always more than willing to share her knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks.

What are we going to learn today?

  • What are the requirements for being a “good” data modeller?
  • What would make you a “bad” data modeller?
  • How can we change what we are doing and get on the right track?
  • How do we leverage off what other DM professionals are doing?
  • What are the skills and expertise that we feel we need and how are we going to acquire them if we don’t already have them?

This workshop has spun off from DMZ US 2017 in which many questions were asked about the people in Data Modelling and what they really need to be and do to make that difference AND to bring Data Modelling to the forefront where it is acknowledged as not just nice to have but imperative to do. Join Sue and find out about the people side – there will be no data modelling done, but you will walk away with a new appreciation of exactly how important you and your skills are in this new datacentric world we are living in.

Sue is a Senior Data Management Specialist who has been customer facing for the past 18 years. During this time she has focused specifically in the financial (banking, insurance, pensions) and telecommunications sectors, gaining immense knowledge and expertise in both. Each year she attends a number of Data Management conferences giving presentations both locally and overseas. Her initial step into the world of data came about in the form of designing and implementing the first registration system for the NHBRC. Since then she has moved on to various businesses and enterprising, always working toward Data Quality and Integrity, which is her passion. Sue was elected President of DAMA SA during January 2009 and was the driving force behind the Inaugural Meeting which was held on 18th February 2009 at Vodaworld in Midrand. Just completed implementing Data Governance at a large SA Telco, Sue has moved her focus to responding to the many challenges facing SA companies with their data. Sue has just been voted in as the DAMA I President for the 2014 / 2015 term.