Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

A day in the life of a Data Architect and Integration Architect

Al Calbazana and Stacey Haurin, Corporation Service Company

This case study describes a method used to build durable, discoverable, and extendable enterprise business and data services using a model-driven approach.  This approach introduces conceptual models, logical models, and metadata to the process of developing web service specifications.  The primary goal of this approach is to improve the productivity, efficiency, and consistency of service designers and solution architects in an Agile environment.  Explore the drivers and benefits of this approach, as well as the lessons learned.

Al Calbazana is an experienced, hands-on, Senior Architect at Corporation Service Company involved in integration architecture and web service design. He has been in the software industry since 2000 and has experience in application design and development, systems integration, and enterprise architecture. Al studied at the University of Delaware and Wilmington University and has a degree in Computer Science. While not working in technology, Alejandro enjoys spending time with his family and playing the guitar.


Stacey Haurin is a business minded data professional with a passion for data and people.  Stacey is an Enterprise Data Architect at Corporation Service Company with more than 15 years of experience in Data Architecture, Data Modeling and Data Governance in the Services, Lifesciences, Healthcare and P&C Insurance industries.  She earned her degree in Information Systems from Drexel University and is a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) with a dual specialty in Data Modeling and Data Governance.  Stacey is active in her professional community currently serving as DAMA International VP Chapter Services and DAMA Philadelphia President; as well as serving on multiple committee for DAMA International including DAMA Excellences Awards and CDMP exam question writing.  Stacey was a founding member of Philadelphia Enterprise Modeling User Group, formerly serving as President and Program Chair.   Additional information can be found on her LinkedIn profile Follow her on twitter at @staceyleehaurin.  Stacey currently resides in Southeast Pennsylvania.