Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Acting For Data Modelers

Geoffrey Hitch, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

Half of the time, business boils down to ‘I don’t like that guy.’

Roger Sterling, HBO’s Mad Men

Perception may or may not be Reality. But Perception is, in fact, what Influences people.

This experiential workshop focuses on how you as a data modeler can compellingly Influence Listeners’ perception of you, & how to more effectively express yourself & lead through the use of practical, hands-on tools from Acting in professional, live Theatre.

This workshop encourages the participants toward the goals of Assertiveness, Confidence & Expressiveness, and “to fake it until you become it”. It challenges participants to take risks & “get out of themselves”, to think more flexibly and expand their comfort zones when communicating in public, to more effectively focus their communications, & to invest in empathy – toward becoming more focused & personally-connected data modelers. Its techniques have been taught for over 25 years to thousands of graduate students, undergraduates, and executives.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • to assertively Influence others through knowledgeable use of “Actions” toward a Goal
  • to influence Listeners with greater assertiveness, confidence & expressiveness;
  • to grab, hold & shape audience attention & interest;
  • to come across as prepared, credible, & able to highlight the ‘aha’ of the message.

Toward these Objectives, participants will examine the “Inner” Acting tools of:

  • the definition and practical execution of “Action”;
  • the practical use of “Action” to influence Listeners toward a desired Goal;
  • “The Seven Steps of Effective Presence”

Participants will also examine the “Outer” Acting tools of:

  • the three parts of The Audience-Pleasing Form;
  • “Visual, Aural & Temporal Communication Tools”: influencing what the audience sees, hears, & experiences in time.
  • to raise consciousness regarding outer communication tools, such as: eye contact, body language, movement & stillness, appropriate gesture, key words, vocal inflection, vocally commanding a room, & dynamic diversity.

Since 1994, Geoffrey’s workshops & courses — Acting For Business (I & II), Acting For Management, Executive Presence & Executives OnStage — have empowered thousands of Ph.D., MBA, Undergraduate, Executive Education participants, faculty & administration in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Shanghai, Doha Qatar, London, & Amsterdam with more-effective communication & leadership skills.

His extensive teaching experience has involved topics such as: empathetic listening; getting rid of monotony; maintaining audience interest; visual, aural & temporal communication tools; overcoming nervousness and lack of self-confidence; shaping & focusing a speech or presentation; solving vocal strain & audibility problems; & achieving clarity in English as a second language — for participants from: India; Korea; Turkey; Russia; Uzbekistan; Israel; French, Spanish, Arabic & Chinese-speaking countries; & even Staten Island. He serves annually as the on-screen leader in three instructional videos — “The Elevator Pitch”, “The STAR Story”, and “Interviewing Persuasively” — used in the MBA Base Camp for Tepper’s Career Opportunities Center & the Accelerate Leadership Center.

Geoffrey has also been a professional theatre director since 1975, directing over 160 productions of world premieres of original works, dramas, classics, musicals & comedies for numerous theatres including: London: nine years as Guest then Resident Director at the Embassy Theatre & Embassy Studio — directing Brecht, Shakespeare, Shanley, Shaw & Shepard; Equity regional theatres, including: The Barter Theatre of Virginia; Charlotte Repertory Theatre; Theatre By The Sea & Kingston Arts Centre (Rhode Island); West Virginia Public Theatre; Worcester Foothills Theatre; The City Theatre (Pittsburgh); the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, & the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival; International festivals: The Spoleto Festival; the William Poel Festival (on the Olivier Stage, Royal National Theatre); & The Edinburgh Festival where his production of BOOTH won a First Award; North American tour: BEAUTY & THE BEAST; Off-Broadway: The Roundabout Theatre; Equity Library Theatre; Circle Repertory Company (NYC); New York Theatre Works; & the W.P.A. Theatre. He also directed for ABC’s daytime drama One Life To Live, & for WQED-TV of The Public Broadcasting System. He has been an active professional member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers society (SDC) since 1984.