Advanced Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills for Data Modeling Professionals, Cheryl L. Jamison, J.D., Association for Conflict Resolution

Advanced Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills for Data Modeling Professionals, Cheryl L. Jamison, J.D., Association for Conflict Resolution

Cheryl L. Jamison, J.D., Executive Director, Association for Conflict Resolution

This interactive, high-energy, training will help participants improve their negotiation skills and learn new ways to prevent, manage, contain, and resolve disputes.  This session offers multiple tools for effectively handling conflicts that arise in personal and professional settings.  Come to this session to learn how to negotiate mutual gains solutions, to assess the benefits of various conflict management approaches, to navigate your way through difficult conversations, and to practice techniques for transforming negative and destructive conflicts into positive and constructive solutions.  Custom designed for data modeling professionals, this session will feature relevant case examples, guided role plays, and critical (even comical) analysis of conflict depictions in film, television and other media.

About the Speaker

Cheryl L. Jamison is the Executive Director of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), an international association of conflict resolution practitioners.  Prior to assuming this position, she was the Director of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence for the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office for 10 years.

She has a diverse experience base having served as legislative director for a Member of Congress; research analyst for the Missouri House of Representatives; an investigator for Missouri’s Human Rights Commission; management analyst for the District of Columbia’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and a paralegal for a Maryland personal injury law firm. For 10 years, she was founder and CEO of Better Than Perfect Events, Inc., a full service conference and meeting production company, which produced large scale conferences and special events for corporations, political and faith based organizations.

Finally, and foremost, Cheryl is a skilled and reflective conflict resolution practitioner.  She started mediating as a law student in a Mediation Clinic that provided day-of-trial mediation to Baltimore City’s lower level trial court.  Since then, she has mediated for community mediation centers, the Maryland Shared Neutrals Program and for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.  As a trainer and educator, Cheryl has developed and conducted workshops on a variety of issues including diversity and inclusion, mediation skills, ethics, team building, negotiations and how to have a productive difficult conversation. 

From 2011- 2015, she was an adjunct professor in the University of Baltimore’s Graduate Program on Negotiation and Conflict Management where she developed and taught a course on Race and Conflict and a Conflict Management Progressions course, designed to introduce gradute students to the conflict resolution profession.  Cheryl also taught a Mediation and ADR Course for the Legal Studies Program at Anne Arundel Community College.

In addition to a Juris Doctorate, Cheryl has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Personnel and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.