Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Are you sure you trust the data for that critical business decision?

Ron Huizenga, IDERA

When making business decisions, it is essential to use data that we can trust. However, in order to trust data we must understand its lineage. Unfortunately, the term “Data Lineage” has become somewhat ambiguous since it is often used in different contexts. One aspect is known as “Business Lineage” which links metadata constructs to specific terms in a business glossary. This approach is used by numerous data governance solutions, but comes up short, since it does nothing to trace the real flow of information through an organization.

Data’s journey is often comprised of many different steps or hops between different systems and data stores, introducing changes along the way. “Technical Lineage” traces those steps and accompanying transformations to build an audit trail of the data journey. True “Data lineage” combines both Business Lineage and Technical Lineage and provides context to fully understand the data life cycle. Every step in data’s journey is a potential source for introduction of error that could compromise data quality, and hence, business decisions. This session offers a comprehensive discussion of data lineage and associated data quality remediation approaches that are essential to build a foundation for data governance.

Ron Huizenga is the Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Modeling at IDERA. Ron has over 30 years of business and IT experience as an executive and consultant, spanning a diverse range of industries. His manufacturing background in particular instilled a commitment to continuous improvement and quality, resulting in Six Sigma Lean and Black Belt certifications. His hands-on experience in large-scale enterprise initiatives includes enterprise & data architecture, business transformation and software development. His background provides practical, real-world insights to enterprise data architecture, business architecture, and governance initiatives.