Data Modeling Zone - The Program

Browse the DMZ Asia Pacific 2019 program below, or download the full program in Adobe PDF: 

Pre-Conference Tutorials

Data Modeling Master Class, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC

Monday through Wednesday, March 4-6 (3 days)


Agile Data Warehousing Today, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing

Wednesday, March 6 (1 day)

Thursday, March 7

Early Morning Sessions

Data Modeling Fundamentals, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC (Innovations)

Using DMBoK to Bootstrap your Data Management and Governance, Andy Peyton, IP Australia (Case Studies)

Document Data Modeling, Matthew Smith, MarkLogic (Tools)

Mid Morning Sessions

Formal Language Theory: Solving the Data Modelling Conundrum with Linguistics, Lloyd Robinson, Robinson Ryan (Innovations)

Business-friendly data models, Graham Witt, Ajilon (Case Studies)

Introduction to Graph Modeling and Graph Databases, Joshua Yu, Neo4j (Tools)


The Mapmaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, John Alexander

Why Data Governance Matters, Sam Benedict

Afternoon Sessions


Introduction to Data Vault: A data practitioner’s view, John Giles, Country Endeavours (Case Studies)

Fact-Based Data Integration: Matching and Transformation, Dr. Graeme Port, Factil (Tools)


Friday, March 8

Early Morning Sessions


Data catalogs may be the new black, but metadata is not cabbage, Dr. Jonathan Gray, Catapult BI (Case Studies)

Making Sense of Schema-On-Read, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing (Tools)

Mid Morning Sessions

Layering Business Logic on your Data Vault, Roelant Vos, Allianz Worldwide Partners (Innovations)

Modern Data Management Practices, Selva Murugesan, ACT Government, Canberra, Australia (Case Studies)

Data Modelling with Machine Learning in the Real World, Peter Avenant, Varigence (Tools)


KEYNOTE: Getting it Right, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing

Afternoon Sessions

Dynamic Data Modelling, Graham Witt, Ajilon (Innovations)

The devil’s in the details, or the devil is the details: Why, when & how top-down, big-picture modelling may save the day (and also improve your Data Vault journey), John Giles, Country Endeavours (Case Studies)

Neo4j Graph Database Hands-on Workshop, Joshua Yu, Neo4j (Tools)