Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Become a data designer: What if your boss is an algorithm?

Andrew Smailes, President of DAMA Australia

Interest in data management is growing. Organisations are creating data management functions, Chief Data Officers appointed, data governance and quality processes initiated, conceptual data models developed, data catalogues built, and data lakes implemented.

However, the fourth industrial revolution is already here and the crux of data management is different. Digital transformation and open data has shifted the idea of data ownership to an ecosystem where data is shared to support ubiquitous virtual services.  Transformation is being driven by a generation growing up with aspirations of sharing, co-creation and cloud culture.  Their products and services are to be called upon whenever and will provide information fuelled by understanding the relationships within multidimensional and constantly evolving networks.

With more and more information available in a computable way, and people building knowledge faster and in ways not previous available, how does our approach to data management respond?

How do we design data services to filter and interpret information to make it useful and meaningful to us?

This presentation challenges the current prescriptive approach to data management and proposes a design-based approach leveraging artificial intelligence to assess the effectiveness of any organisations data management function.

Andrew is currently the President of DAMA Australia, an association providing a forum for exchange of information relating to information resource management and to discuss challenges, ideas, experiences, resources and questions.

Previously President of the DAMA Canberra Chapter, Andrew has 28 years’ experience working in many facets of Government ICT design, delivery and support. His principal area of expertise is data management, data warehousing and business intelligence within the Federal public sector.