Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Modeling Beyond Relational – A tour of real world data models (using MongoDB as an example)

Austin Zellner, MongoDB

We were taught to think of the world as rows and columns, but the reality is that the future belongs to complex shapes and streams of data. How do we approach conceptualizing different models based on use cases rather than optimizing for relational theory? That’s what we will explore in this session.

Assuming no prior knowledge of NoSQL or MongoDB, we will explore the common data model patterns and use MongoDB as an example database to build live records and examples. We’ll also explore strategies on how to approach new use cases and systematically determine the right model and pattern to apply.

Bring your laptop to practice, or just a pencil and paper!

Austin Zellner is a Principal Solutions Architect with MongoDB, the leading Document Model based database. Prior to selling software, Austin worked as a developer for 20 years, focusing on complex data models in the insurance, retail, manufacturing, and sales support systems use cases. Austin loves to teach and draw on whiteboards.