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Data and Ethics in the Digital Enterprise

Deborah Henderson, DAMA International Fellow

When were we so innocent, or were we just not looking?

Ethical handling of data has historically been considered by the IT community to be the concern of public policy.  Governments have assumed that the IT community was largely self-policing and the issues where …well… techy and complex.  Then the use of personal data to influence an election (USA) and a referendum (UK) was first hinted at and then uncovered.

Biased information and Fake News get traction due to the growing lack of critical thinking in our society, self-selection into certain channels for information and active modern propaganda machines. Facebook turned a blind eye to their dataset uses; Cambridge Analytica and others carried on as they pleased.  Surely there were people like us, data analysts, DBAs, data scientists on these unethical projects?

How should we respond to these issues as the data management professionals on the front line?  What does ethical handling of data look like? What are our responsibilities now?

Deborah Henderson, B.Sc., MLS, PMP, CDMP Inaugural Fellow, CDP has over 30 years in data and information management, consulting to many sectors across North America, and coordinating experts across the globe in best community practices in IT.  

  • Program Manager, Contributing Author and Senior Editor for the global standard reference resource in Data Management DAMA-DMBOK2
  • Primary author for IT Strategy and Governance for the IEEE ITBOK standard reference
  • Consulted on responding and conforming to laws on data retention, data handling, and reporting strategies
  • Designed and deployed Data Governance operating models and processes across diverse businesses

She is passionate about how data supports business excellence.