Data Modelstorming: Techniques for Fun-Packed Modeling with Business Stakeholders

Data Modelstorming: Techniques for Fun-Packed Modeling with Business Stakeholders

Lawrence Corr, DecisionOne Consulting

Have you ever been disappointed with the results of data requirements gathering, especially for BI and data analytics? Ever wished you could ‘cut to the chase’ and model the data with the people who want to use it. But that’s not a realistic alternative is it? Business people don’t get data modeling, not even conceptual modeling! What if that wasn’t the case.

In this lively session Lawrence Corr shares his favorite collaborative modeling techniques – popularized in books such as ‘Business Model Generation’ and ‘Agile Data Warehouse Design’ – for successfully engaging weary/wary business stakeholders. Learn how visual thinking, narrative, 7Ws and lots of Post-ittm notes can get your stakeholders thinking dimensionally and capturing their own BI data requirements in happy groups.

About the Speaker

Lawrence Corr is a UK-based data modeler and former Kimball University instructor with lots of experience in business intelligence. He has worked on data projects in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa within healthcare, telecoms, broadcasting, higher education, financial services and retail, helping organizations benefit from simpler, more inclusive modeling techniques. He’s the author of Agile Data Warehouse Design: Collaborative Dimensional Modeling, from Whiteboard to Star Schema, an Amazon #1 bestseller in data warehousing and database design. Lawrence’s new book Data Modelstorming: Using BEAM to Design the Data Everyone Wants will be published in Spring 2018.