Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Hans Hultgren, Genesee Academy

There is a growing buzz around Data Vault modeling and Ensemble Modeling. These are data modeling approaches used for the data warehouse, enterprise data warehouse, data integration initiatives and now also Big Data deployments. Ensemble Modeling techniques (including Data Vault) are optimized for agility (quickly and easily adapting to change), data integration (multiple and changing data sources), historization (tracking time sliced, historical data is baked in to the pattern), auditability (full traceability end-to-end) and for business understanding (based on true business core business concepts).

This session will cover Ensemble modeling and Data Vault modeling including Core Business Concepts (CBC), Unified Decomposition, Hubs, Links and Satellites. This session has an interactive modeling lab where participants will learn to apply these techniques for a chosen business case.

About the Speaker

President at Genesee Academy and a Principal at Top Of Minds AB. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence educator, author, speaker, and advisor. Currently working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on Ensemble Modeling and Data Vault. Primarily in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Denver, Sydney and NYC. Published data modeling book “Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault” which is available on Amazon websites in both print and Kindle e-reader versions. Specialties: Information Management and Modeling, Ensemble Modeling, Data Vault Modeling, Agile Data Warehousing, Education, e-Learning, Entrepreneurship and Business Development.