Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Digital Transformation: Data Modeling for APIs

Christina Burnett, T-Mobile

Digital transformation drives change into both the architecture and the organization of the enterprise. The move toward domain-based development of micro-services in an enterprise environment has been seen by some as the death knell for data modeling. I argue that, in this brave new world, the need for data modeling is even greater. APIs are exposed to more people with less context to interpret the API. Use of micro-service architecture increases the number of transformation boundaries. Having a common understanding of the meaning of data increases speed to market, reduces the number of defects due to invalid transformation, and improves the percentage of API reuse within the enterprise.

Christina Burnett has over thirty years of experience in consulting, data modeling, software integration, analysis, and programming. She has worked on data modeling in the middleware space at T-Mobile since 2010, riding the wave of change from SOAP services to RESTful APIs. Christina has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Houston, and an M.S. in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Washington Bothell.