Data Modeling Zone - The Program

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Wednesday November 6 Full Day Pre-Conference Tutorials

Introduction to Data Vault Modeling, Remco Broekmans, Genesee Academy

Data Modeling Fundamentals Tutorial, Jörg Stegemann and Sven Wiener, ITGAIN [NOTE: Presented in German]

Advanced Data Modeling Challenges, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC

Thursday November 7

Early Morning Sessions

The Fundamentals of NoSQL – How to efficiently denormalize Entity Relationship Models for any application, Rick Houlihan, Amazon (Innovations)

Case Talk – Data Modeling by Example, Marco Wobben, BCP Software (Tools)

Virtual Data Warehousing, Christian Hädrich, Dörffler + Partner (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

A Blockchain Picturebook – Blockchain origins and related buzzwords, described in pictures, Alex Dirksen (Innovations)

Building a Real-time Cloud Data Warehouse in Four Simple Steps, Remco Broekmans, Genesee Academy (Tools)

GUI-Driven Data Modeling, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: Walid Mehanna, Daimler

Afternoon Sessions

Data Warehouse Modernization, Petr Beles, Datavault Builder (Innovations)

Agile Query-Driven Data Modeling for NoSQL, Pascal Desmarets, Hackolade (Tools)

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Matters in Data Science and Business, Zacharias Voulgaris, PhD (Case Studies)

Hands-On Modeling Tools

Snowflake Hands-on Demo (Hands On)

Digital Twin Demo, Lex den Doop, Digital Twin BV (Hands On)

Tour the Museum!

Networking and DMZ’s Famous Casino Night!

Friday November 8

Early Riser Session

You’re a Data Modeller, so why should you be interested in JSON?, George McGeachie, Metadata Matters (Innovations)

Data Modeling Assessment, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC (Tools)

Early Morning Sessions

Building Entity Resolution (ER) Systems and Domain Specific Search Engines, Tomek Chudzik and Gaël Grosch, Unit8 (Innovations)

Introduction to Graph Databases and Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j, Stefan Kolmar, Neo Technology (Tools)

Transitional Modeling and Schema by Design, Christian Kaul, Obaysch (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

The Data Diplomacy – data design and lasting peace, Håkan Edvinsson, Informed Decisions Consulting AB (Innovations)

Managing Time in a Data Warehouse, Dirk Lerner, TEDAMOH (Tools)

Data Modeling, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Analytics on the Tideway Project, Nino Letteriello, FIT Strategy (Case Studies)

KEYNOTE: Where’s my Lookup? Rick Houlihan, Amazon

Afternoon Sessions

Demystifying Data Warehousing as a Service, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing (Innovations)

DMC Overview and Exam, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates (Tools)

How many truths can you handle? Strategies and techniques for handling vagueness in data models, Dr. Panos Alexopoulos, Textkernel (Case Studies)