Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Document Data Modeling

Matthew Smith, MarkLogic

Learn how to use the document data model to fast track your ability break down data silos. We’ll explore how to achieve this through the lens of a common use case: delivering a 360-degree view of entities so you can more effectively run your business operationally and see your business analytically.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Hierarchical document data modeling best practices for JSON and XML
  • Using the envelope pattern
  • Modeling entities with documents
  • Modeling relationships with RDF triples
  • Data security and data governance

You’ll see these concepts in action through a demonstration of a framework that enables you to quickly load, curate, and access data using an Operational Data Hub.

With studies in Information Systems and Strategic Foresight, Matt Smith has over 20 years’ experience designing and developing software solutions for the enterprise. Matt has filled internal and external delivery, consulting and advisor roles across almost all industries and public sector organisations. As the chief technologist for MarkLogic in Australia, Matt assists large finance, media, government and defence customers to meet their data integration and analysis challenges. To satisfy the demand for his services, Matt travels frequently around the region and worldwide, finding time to taste the local beer, wine and whisky.