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Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom: Tools Addressing the Human Element of Data Modeling

Len Silverston, Universal Data Models

What is “wisdom”? Wisdom is the ability to accurately interpret what is happening and take the appropriate actions that are in the best interest of you, your team, and your organization. We are in the midst of a data revolution.

How do we apply real wisdom in our data modeling profession?

This fun, interactive, informative, and practical presentation will discuss how we can apply wisdom to data modeling as it applies to both traditional as well as emerging data management disciplines. For example, how can we be efficient and effective in data modeling in our traditional data management efforts such as data strategies, data governance, master data management, data modeling, and ensure that we do the same for these newer disciplines including big data, internet of things, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.

We will focus on something that is often missed and yet so critically important in these efforts – applying wisdom using specific, practical, and human behavioral tools. The presentation will cover:

  • Important questions to consider regarding data modeling in both traditional and emerging data management disciplines
  • Human factors that are important to address in data modeling such as underlying purpose, motivations, trust, communications and conflict managements.
  • Powerful techniques and tools that we can use to apply wisdom in data modeling
  • How to collaborate effectively with our modeling in an increasingly complex world

Len Silverston is a best-selling author, consultant, and speaker with over 30 years of experience helping organizations in various data governance and data management programs. Mr. Silverston is an internationally acclaimed expert and thought leader in the fields of data governance, data modeling, data management, and in the human dynamics of integrating information. He has helped many organizations successfully implement data governance programs, for example, from 2010 through 2012, he guided and provided data governance consulting for his client who won the 2012 Data Governance Best Practice Award.

He is the author of The Data Model Resource Book series (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), which describe hundreds of reusable data models. The volume 1 book was rated #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller List and his volume 1 and 2 books have been translated into Chinese and in 2009, he co-authored “The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 3, Universal Patterns for Data Modeling”, which has been into Korean. Mr. Silverston has published many articles and has been a keynote speaker at many international data conferences. He is the winner of the DAMA (Data Administration Management Association) International Professional Achievement Award and the DAMA International Community Award. He has given many keynotes and has received the highest speaker rating at several international conferences. Mr. Silverston’s company, Universal Data Models, LLC, provides consulting, training, publications, and software to enable information integration.