Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Introduction to Data Vault: A data practitioner’s view

John Giles, Country Endeavours

This session is intended to be a primer for those who haven’t yet encountered the wonderful world of Data Vault. Topics covered are to include:

  • The “sales pitch” for Data Vault
    • The why, where, when of using Data Vault
    • Positioning Data Vault with regard to Inmon and Kimball data warehouses
  • The Data Vault building blocks:
    • Hubs
    • Links
    • Satellites
  • There’s more than Raw Data Vault
    •  Business Data Vault
      • Why the distinction is important
      • Point In Time tables
      • Bridge tables
    • Virtual data marts
    • Operational Data Vault: a variation on the central theme
  • Common data modeling challenges, including
    • Transactions
    • Reference tables
    • Duplicates and Same-As-Links
    • Hierarchical links
    • The Flip-Flop effect
  • Data Vault 2.0
  • Where to next?



John Giles is an independent consultant, with a passion for seeing ideas taken to fruition. For 2 decades his focus has been on enterprise information modelling, enterprise information integration and enterprise information architecture. Over the last few years he has also gained international recognition in Data Vault modelling.

John is primarily a practitioner, having been responsible for leading teams to successful delivery of IT solutions across a wide diversity of industries. However, his pragmatic focus is backed up by a solid appreciation of the underlying theory, having presented internationally, and published widely, including in his book titled The Nimble Elephant: Agile delivery of data models using a pattern-based approach.