Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Data Vault Journey

Dirk Lerner, TEDAMOH

This case study will explain how an organization used the Data Vault to create a data warehouse that was:

  • more flexible,
  • more agile,
  • faster,
  • and less complex.

During this case study workshop, you will become part of the data modeling team where you will learn the Data Vault basics and then apply what you learn to several real-world hands-on examples.

Dirk Lerner is an experienced independent consultant and owner of TEDAMOH. For 15 years he has led BI projects and is considered a global expert on BI architectures and data modeling. As a full scale data architect, Dirk advocates flexible, lean and easily extendable data warehouse principles and practices.

As a pioneer for Data Vault and FCO-IM in Germany, he wrote various publications, is an international speaker at conferences and author of the blog