Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Formal Language Theory: Solving the Data Modelling Conundrum with Linguistics

Lloyd Robinson, Robinson Ryan

Only when a data model is well-defined does it become a model about which true and false things may be said. By looking to the Linguistic area of Semantics, we have developed a new approach to data modelling that uses a precise model of the business that specifies fully those relations between expressions of the business language.

Lloyd is a principal of Robinson Ryan, a contributor to great successes and participant in extraordinary failures. He is a highly experienced data management expert and has been teaching for almost three decades in university and professional training organisations. In addition, Lloyd has practical experience in:

  • Leading enterprise architecture teams in multiple initiatives up to $300M
  • Consulting in data management in organisations as a data specialist
  • Leadership as CIO of a team of 500 IT professionals.

Lloyd is certified at the mastery level in both the Data Management Profession (CDMP) and Business Intelligence (CBIP).