Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

The Fundamentals of NoSQL – How to efficiently denormalize Entity Relationship Models for any application

Rick Houlihan, Amazon

Due to industry 4.0 and the advancing digitalization, the requirements for the adaptation speed of data warehouses (DWHs) are increasing. New functionality such as real time processing and complete auditability are also to be included – but at the same time the costs are to be reduced.

Agile software development and the right modeling approaches are good answers to these new requirements. However, many classic DWHs are not designed for this.

This lecture answers the question how model-driven approaches and automation projects can be carried out “on time and budget” without sacrificing maintainability.

Rick has 25 years of industry experience and has modeled literally hundreds of NoSQL services for the largest internal and external customers of AWS including Amazon’s retail organization.  He led the Blackbelt Service Team which provided technical guidance and led the engagement to convert the skill set of over 25 thousand internal developers from an RDBMS base to NoSQL.  Rick has delivered top ranked sessions on NoSQL design patterns and best practices at re:Invent for the last 5 years, and this year has the top rated session overall for 2018.

Rick holds 9 patents across a diverse set of technologies including Container Management, Processor Architecture, Complex Event Processing, and NoSQL Technologies.