Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Hackolade Hands-on

Pascal Desmarets, Hackolade

NoSQL Data Modeling and API Design with Hackolade:
You will learn how to master Hackolade to perform schema design of JSON nested hierarchies, NoSQL document or column-family databases and key-value stores, Neo4j graphs, as well as Swagger/OpenAPI or GraphQL APIs.
Session highlights:
o Application overview
o Hackolade modeling philosophy
o UI fundamentals
o Advanced features

Pascal Desmarets is the Founder and CEO of Hackolade. He leads the company and all efforts involving business strategy, product innovation, and customer relations, as it focuses on producing user-friendly, powerful visual tools to smooth the onboarding of NoSQL technology in corporate IT landscapes. Hackolade’s software combines the comfort and simplicity of graphic data modeling, with the power of NoSQL document databases, resulting in reduced development time, increased application quality, and lower execution risks.