Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Improve Your Data Model by Effectively Mapping Your Customer Lifecycle

Gary Jordan, Red Hat

As we search for strategic advantages in the marketplace we tend to look to new products and enhanced sales techniques. However, improvements to our data model and our data architecture can give us an edge with analytics. By enhancing our understanding of the customer lifecycle and the data flow around our customer contacts we can identify changes that will give us a deeper understanding of our customer’s behavior and drivers.

In this hands-on workshop you will practice:

  • Mapping the data flow of your customer contacts.
  • Documenting the lifecycle of your customer’s relationship with your organization.
  • Identifying points of optimization for your data model and your data architecture.
  • Determining how you can leverage your Data Governance program to enforce a new set of practices.

A data model and a data architecture that are built with an understanding of your customer’s lifecycle can give your company a strategic advantage in the marketplace. This starts with a detailed mapping of the dataflow of your customer contacts and will provide new customer insights.

Gary Jordan is a Senior Principal Business Systems Analyst on the Data Architecture Team at Red Hat, an Open Source company. He is responsible for mapping the Customer Lifecycle and ensuring the architectural model will enable the analytics for strategic insights into customer behavior.