Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Introduction to Data Vault Modeling

Remco Broekmans, Genesee Academy

This course is intended to cover all of the key components that make up the data vault modeling paradigm – distilled into a single day. As such it goes beyond an introduction to arrive at a thorough and practical overview. This course has been totally redesigned for 2018 and consists of one (1) intensive day of interactive modeling and group case analysis.

The focus of this course is modeling. In particular this course provides students an understanding of the key components that together form the Data Vault as the leading Ensemble modeling approach.

The goal of this course is to provide the students with enough information to understand the Data Vault and its principles. They will be able to create a Data Vault model for a simple business case and be part of a broader team implementing a Data Vault within any organization.

This is a course on data vault modeling and it will cover the complete scope of topics required to understand the data vault modeling approach and how this approach supports the goals of the data warehouse.

This course follows a workbook with lots of exercises and modeling cases for the individual student as well as a group assignment. Through interactive group analysis and discussions, and drawing on the experiences and questions of the students in the class, the various alternatives are uncovered and discussed.

Remco Broekmans Is the vice president of international programs for Genesee Academy. He works in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing as a trainer, advisor and speaker with a focus on modeling and architecture including Ensemble and Data Vault modeling. He works internationally, and is based in the Netherlands.

The last 15 years, Remco has taught different classes on business intelligence and data warehousing, and has worked for several consulting companies before starting his own companies; Coarem and BI Academy.

Specialties: Information Management and Modeling, Ensemble Modeling, Data Vault Modeling, Agile Data Warehousing, Education and Business Development.