Introduction to Data Vault: A data practitioner’s view

Introduction to Data Vault: A data practitioner’s view

John Giles, Country Endeavours

This session is intended to be a primer for those who haven’t yet encountered the wonderful world of Data Vault. Topics covered are to include:

  • The “sales pitch” for Data Vault
    • The why, where, when of using Data Vault
    • Positioning Data Vault with regard to Inmon and Kimball data warehouses
  • The Data Vault building blocks:
    • Hubs
    • Links
    • Satellites
  • There’s more than Raw Data Vault
    •  Business Data Vault
      • Why the distinction is important
      • Point In Time tables
      • Bridge tables
    • Virtual data marts
    • Operational Data Vault: a variation on the central theme
  • Common data modeling challenges, including
    • Transactions
    • Reference tables
    • Duplicates and Same-As-Links
    • Hierarchical links
    • The Flip-Flop effect
  • Data Vault 2.0
  • Where to next?


About the Speaker

John Giles is an independent consultant, with a passion for seeing ideas taken to fruition. For 3 decades his focus has been on data modeling and architecture, with a more recent interest in Data Vault modeling. He has worked in IT since the late 1960s, across many industries. He is a Fellow in the Australian Computer Society, and completed a Master’s degree at RMIT University, with a minor thesis comparing computational rules implementations using traditional and object-oriented platforms. He is the author of “The Nimble Elephant: Agile Delivery of Data Models Using a Pattern-based Approach”.