Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Introduction to Graph Databases and Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j

Dave Fauth, Neo Technology

How do I start with Neo4j? What is Cypher? Are graph databases only suitable for graph-based domains like social networks? Or can I use it reasonably in enterprise projects? How do I transform my domain into a graph model?

This tutorial will answer these questions with a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions. Attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to develop a Neo4j-backed application.

Skills taught:

  • An understanding of graph databases
  • How to use graph databases
  • Introduction to data modeling with Graph databases
  • How to apply the property graph to common modeling problems
  • Common graph structures for modeling complex, connected scenarios
  • How to get started working with Neo4j.

Dave joined Neo4j 2 1/2 years ago working as a Field Engineer on the East Coast. He has been working with Graph Databases and Neo4j for over 4 years. He has been a speaker at the GraphConnect conferences and various meetups. Prior to joining Neo Technologies, Dave worked in the Intelligence Community providing data strategy and data exploitation support.