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Introduction to DataOps:
Intelligent and Automated Data Operations
Dave Wells, Eckerson Group

Data modeling is the discipline that enables people to speak about data effectively and benefit from it. Data models provide a bridge for strategy, business and IT to communicate and agree on a referencstructure for valued information.

At Data Modeling Zone, teams learn how to communicate about data – using proven tools and relevant case studies  

To keep up with the growing demand for data and information we need DataOps—a new approach to developing and delivering data pipelines and analytic models.

You will Learn:

  • The defining characteristics of DataOps.
  • The value proposition for DataOps.
  • Key technologies and how they work to enable Intelligent Data Operations.
  • Tips and recommendations to start your journey to the future of data management and data science with DataOps.

About Dave Wells

Dave Wells leads the Data Management Practice at Eckerson Group, a business intelligence and analytics research and consulting organisation. Dave works at the intersection of information management and business management, where real value is derived from data assets.

Dave is an industry analyst, consultant, and educator dedicated to building meaningful and enduring connections throughout the path from data to business value. He is a recognised specialist in:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Managing Performance
  • Data Architecture & Data Quality
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Instructional Design

Knowledge sharing and skills development are Dave’s passions, carried out through consulting, speaking, teaching, and writing. He is a continuous learner fascinated with understanding how we think – and a practitioner of systems, critical, design, divergent thinking, and innovation.

Digitalized Processes:
Optimizing the customer experience through digital analysis and design
Roger Burlton, Process Renewal Group

The demand is skyrocketing for organizations to provide digitally enabled offerings for their customers and business users. Well-designed solutions are seamless and are in tune with customer expectations for the right service delivered through a simple, intuitive interface whenever and wherever they want. Digital, moreover, must be done in the context of an omnichannel world that can involve human and robotic agents, and cyber-based intelligent support interchangeably.

This does not mean that the need for sound analysis and design of the end-to-end experience has passed. Due to the interconnectivity of all the actions and actors required it is needed even more to connect all the dots between our customers and our business operations.

This is not a problem that ‘Agile’ development will solve by itself. It requires professional business architecture and integrated design. Renewed methods of process analysis and design must be tuned for a digital world.

This session will deal with what degree of analysis and design work is required for today’s organizations striving to establish digital business capabilities to optimize the customer journey and leverage resources in the most effective manner.

Included in this session:

  • The nature of digitalized processes
  • Customer in-command processes and solutions: Journeys and Experiences
  • Process Analysis for Digital Processes Innovation: How much do you really need?
  • Getting a grip on the data: It’s not happening without it
  • Digital Process Design and Solution Development

About Roger Burlton

Roger Burlton is a respected pioneer in the introduction of innovative approaches for Business Management. He is a world leader in the field of Business Process Management, having authored one of the most read and followed books on the topic early in BPM’s growth as well as the Business Process Manifesto.

Roger’s leadership is also witnessed by his position as chair of several of the most influential conferences each year on BPM and Business Architecture and by his role as chair of the Advisory Board. The insights he brings to PRG’s consulting clients are thoughtful and pragmatic.

Roger’s insights can be found in his Business Process Management: Profiting from Process, the Business Process Manifesto, the Handbook on Business Process Management and numerous other publications including his articles featured on

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