Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Leadership, Value, and Strategy

Peter Aiken, Data Blueprint

Management concerns fall into broad categories:

  • Implementing change that effectively improves performance
  • Processing lots of information without gaining appreciable insight
  • Securing real returns from technology investments

Data, of course, is at the heart of all of these and other organizational complaints.  A triple play of investments in data as an organizational asset is 1) a necessary prerequisite and 2) a primary enabler – permitting management to address these troubling issues.  Transformation may require some organizational discomfort.  The first step is to recruit, qualified organizational talent.  The second step is to significantly overhaul the manner by which most organizations seek to obtain informational value.  The third step is to implement a strategy that integrating organizational functions with IT. By approaching data in this different way, organizations can begin to gain the leverage that they seek.  This talk will address each of these topics – illustrating how this triple play of new leadership skills, revised value propositions, and a repositioning of strategic investments can alleviate the concerns.

Peter Aiken is an acknowledged Data Management (DM) authority. As a practicing data consultant, professor, author and researcher, he has studied DM for more than 30 years.  International recognition has come from assisting more than 150 organizations in 30 countries including some of the world’s most important.  He is a dynamic presence at events and author of 10 books and multiple publications, including his latest on Data Strategy.  Peter also hosts the longest running and most successful webinar series dedicated to DM (hosted by  In 1999, he founded Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that helps organizations leverage data for profit, improvement, competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.  He is also Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), past President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA-I) and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers.