Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Mindfulness and Modeling

Len Silverston, Universal Data Models

In our current environment, what are some of the most important skills we can develop in data modeling?

While technical skills are important, that there are subtle human skills that are more important. Some of these skills involve the ability to deeply listen, to be aware of the political and cultural environment and to act appropriately within it, and to keep focused on the key business drivers and not lose sight of these by getting lost in technical considerations.

This session will provide tools, techniques, and exercises for sharpening our minds, and in doing so, greatly develop and improve our communications and data modeling skills.

Specifically in this session, we will address:

  • How to concentrate and relax our minds to greatly increase our productivity in data modeling
  • How to hone in on the most important business drivers and not be as distracted by less important considerations
  • How to deeply listen and be aware of the subtleties of cultural and political factors
  • How to be aware of the underlying negative reactive patterns we have and transform them to intelligent responses

Come sharpen your skills and learn how to use these critical tools and techniques to greatly and positively impact our modeling efforts.

Len Silverston is a best-selling author, consultant, and a fun and top rated speaker in the field of data modeling, data governance, as well as human behavior in the data management industry, where he has pioneered new approaches to effectively tackle enterprise data management. He has helped many of the largest organizations world-wide as well as small organizations, to integrate their data, systems and even their people. He is well known for his work on “Universal Data Models”, that are described in his The Data Model Resource Book series (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), (Volume 1 was rated #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller List) and these books have been translated into multiple languages. He is the winner of the DAMA (Data Administration Management Association) International Professional Achievement Award for 2004 and the DAMA International Community Award for 2006. He has received the highest speaker ratings at many international conferences and is dedicated to being of the greatest service to his audiences.