Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Model-Based Agile Development

Bob Conway, Information Engineering Associates

Some believe that Agile Development and Data Modeling are fundamentally at odds. Many ‘Agilists’ regard data modeling as a luxury we cannot afford in order to move fast. Some even regard modeling and architecture as relics of waterfall bureaucracy to be avoided altogether.

In fairness, many modelers/architects dismiss Agile as a passing fad that accelerates siloed solutions and is ultimately incompatible with enterprise integration. Cheap, fast or good. Pick two out of three.

Truthfully, both of those perspectives are wrong. It is feasible to achieve enterprise integration through incremental sprints but requires new thinking and adjusted practices by scrum masters as well as data architects.

This workshop will guide participants through the RAPID® Architecture/Methodology; a model-based, agile development approach that delivers value early and fast yet achieves enterprise integration across successive projects.

Bob Conway is the founder of and Principal Consultant with Information Engineering Associates, a Colorado-based consulting firm focused on training and development of data management best practices. His twenty-five year consulting experience spans diverse industries including, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Telecommunications, Health Care, Federal and Municipal Government. Bob has implemented successful data warehouses for numerous clients from small start-ups to Fortune 500 firms with demonstrable return-on-investment. As an adjunct faculty member Bob has taught graduate level Information Management classes at two major universities. Bob is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences. He brings his rich business and technical experience into presentations with real world examples. His delivery style is informative and entertaining.