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Modern Data Management Practices

Selva Murugesan, ACT Government, Canberra, Australia

Many organisations are investing heavily to maximise the value of their data assets. Data analytics is touted as a golden key to unlock the potential of the organisational data assets. Organisations tend to invest in new technology tools (data lake, cloud services), data analytics platforms (machine learning, AI), and people capabilities. These initiatives tend to focus on data science projects that have high value and impact.

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence are now emphasising the need to make it easy for people to deal with organisations by making services to be simple, clear and fast.  Many consulting firms cited that many data initiatives fail as the underlying data does not have the quality and integrity to support automated processes. Now, organisations are realising that having consistent data management practices across the organisation, and with external stakeholders, is essential to improving the level of trust in the data.

Thus data management practices need to evolve to build greater organisational trust when sharing data.

This talk covers:

  • Why is data sharing so important
  • What are the principles that sharing should be based on
  • What is the appropriate data governance framework
  • How to implement data management principles
  • How technology platforms can be leveraged for implementation

Selvaraaju Murugesan is currently working as Senior Manager, Innovation and Data Analytics at Transport Canberra and City Service Directorate, ACT Government. He received his PhD degree in computational mathematics from LaTrobe University, Melbourne in 2014. His interests are in data management practices and data analytics. He is a committee member of DAMA Canberra chapter looking after membership and marketing.