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MongoDB for Data Modelers (or, “Get these kids off my lawn!”)

Austin Zellner, MongoDB

MongoDB has become a disruptive database in the development world, and is often introduced into organizations by developers who are looking to take advantage of the flexibility of the schema-less document model.  But while it has been a blessing for developers, it has been a source of some contention for DBA’s and Data Modelers, who are rightfully concerned that they were being pushed out of the conversation.  As the product has evolved ( especially over the last two years ), MongoDB is now ready to play well with others, and has the foundation for integrating into a data modeling life cycle.

This talk will address:

  • What is MongoDB and why are you likely to find it lurking in your organization?
  • What is the MongoDB document model?
  • How MongoDB tooling allows for having a formal modeling process, while still allowing the power of the document model to be realized.
  • How to approach data modeling for the document model.

Prior to selling software, Austin worked as a developer for 20 years, focusing on complex data models in the insurance, retail, manufacturing, and sales support systems use cases.  Austin loves to teach and draw on whiteboards.