Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Practitioner’s Perspective on the Enterprise Data Model

William Donlin (Progressive Insurance), Sally Greenwood (TDS Telecom), Ivan Schotsmans (BI-Community), Brad Steinke (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension), and Missy Wittmann (American Family)

An Enterprise Data Model (EDM) provides a precise and consistent representation of an organization’s information. Although the EDM offers incredible value to an organization, it also takes incredible effort to build and maintain. Approaches such as Agile can run counter to Big Design Up Front (BDUF) deliverables such as the EDM, often causing contention between Project and Program priorities. This panel will cover the practicalities of building and maintaining an EDM, as well as its perceived and actual benefits.

Ivan Schotsmans is principal and founder of He has more than twenty-five years of information management experience in various industries. Throughout his career Ivan has focused on providing straightforward solutions to business and technical problems for International companies with a focus on data warehousing, business intelligence and information quality. He is recognized as subject matter expert in data modeling, information quality and agile business intelligence. Ivan is also (co-)founder and active member of several global organizations (TDWI Benelux Chapter, DAMA, IAIDQ, among others) and for two years he acted as Global Director for IAIDQ. Ivan frequently speaks at information management industry conferences and teaches on graphical facilitation, data warehousing, data modeling and new information management trends.

Brad Steinke has 25 years of software development experience with increasing responsibilities in such capacities as: pick a title that ends with analyst, project manager, developer and designer while currently being a systems architect for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension focusing on data. He has worked in both private and public sectors in industries such as investment, home mortgage, banking, insurance, hospitality, and law enforcement. He has been CBAP certified since 2008, TOGAF 9 Certified since 2015 and CDMP certified since 2017. He attends DAMA, AEA, IASA, BAG and IIBA events when possible and assisted in writing part of the certification exam for becoming CBAP.

Missy Wittmann is an Information Modeling Engineer Specialist at American Family Insurance. Missy has worked in the data modeling field for over fifteen years in various roles. She started out as a business partner on a project that was doing some data modeling and enjoyed the process so much that she changed career paths. Missy has facilitated projects for Business Modeling, Logical and Physical Data Modeling. Data Modeling is an exciting place to be in the world of technology. No matter what technology is being used to get the end result, we always need our data!

Sally Greenwood, CBIP, is a Data Architect with TDS Telecom in Madison, WI.  She has over 25 years of experience designing and reviewing logical data models for operational and data warehouse systems for a wide variety of organizations, including retail, manufacturing, health care, and telecommunications. She has been writing and teaching Logical Data Modeling, Complex Decision Making and Professional Facilitation courses since 1985.  Her current Logical Data Model Review Program is entering its ninth year and has reviewed over 500 projects.  Some of her greatest professional satisfaction comes from identifying and growing talent in others.