Data Modeling Zone - The Program

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Monday November 11 Full Day Pre-Conference Tutorials

Data Modeling Fundamentals, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC

Modeling Beyond Relational – A tour of real world data models (using MongoDB as an example), Austin Zellner, MongoDB

Acting For Data Modelers, Geoffrey Hitch, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

CDMP Workshop and Exams, Stacey Haurin, Corporation Service Company

Tuesday November 12

Early Morning Sessions

Model-Based Agile Development, Bob Conway, Information Engineering Associates (Innovations)

Managing Time in a Data Warehouse, Dirk Lerner, TEDAMOH (Tools)

Improve Your Data Model by Effectively Mapping Your Customer Lifecycle, Gary Jordan, Red Hat (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

The Most “Universal” Data Model Patterns, Len Silverston, Universal Data Models (Innovations)

Create a Single Source of Truth, Arthur Lindow, IDERA  (Tools)

Virtual Data Warehousing, Christian Hädrich, DÖRFFLER + PARTNER (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: Drag and Drop Development (and Data Modeling), Gary Hoberman, UnQork

Afternoon Sessions

Managing Your Performance: Visual, Aural & Temporal Communication Tools, Geoffrey Hitch, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (Innovations)

Modeling JSON, Austin Zellner,
MongoDB (Tools)

A day in the life of a Data Architect and Integration Architect, Al Calbazana and Stacey Haurin, Corporation Service Company (Case Studies)

Hands-On Modeling Tools

Hackolade Hands-on, Pascal Desmarets, Hackolade (Hands On)

CaseTalk – Data Modeling by Example, Marco Wobben, BCP Software (Hands On)

Advanced ER/Studio Techniques, Bob Conway, Information Engineering Associates (Hands On)

Wednesday November 13

Special Interest Groups

Zen with Len: Zen and the Art of Data Maintenance, Len Silverston, Data Modeling Thought Leader and Zen Priest (Innovations)

ER/Studio SIG, Joyce Ruff, IDERA (Tools)

Demystifying Data Warehousing as a Service, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing  (Case Studies)

Early Morning Sessions

Agile Data Modeling: Strategies for Collaboration, Flexibility, and Evolution, Scott Ambler, Disciplined Agile (Innovations)

Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom: Tools Addressing the Human Element of Data Modeling, Len Silverston, Universal Data Models (Tools)

Data Vault Journey, Dirk Lerner, TEDAMOH (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

Data Ethics: From Headlines to Headway, Bridget Cogley, Teknion Data Solutions (Innovations)

Making Sense of Schema-On-Read, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing (Tools)

Data Modeling Case Study: A Public Sector Tale, Brad Steinke, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: Agile and Data: From Rhetoric to Reality, Scott Ambler


Norman Daoust: Data Management Annual Summary

Afternoon Sessions

What Can Data Modelers Learn from Ontologists?, Norman Daoust, Daoust Associates (Innovations)

Using the Chebotko Method to Design Sound and Scalable Data Models for Apache Cassandra, Dr. Artem Chebotko, DataStax (Tools)

Digital Transformation: Data Modeling for APIs, Christina Burnett, T-Mobile (Case Studies)

DMZ’s Famous Casino Night!

Thursday November 14

Morning Chi Gung with Kent Graziano

Early Morning Sessions

How to Effectively Present Your Data Model, Norman Daoust, Daoust Associates (Innovations)

Introduction to Graph Databases and Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j, Dave Fauth, Neo Technology (Tools)

So, You Want an Integrated, Enterprise, Logical, Data Model…, William Donlin, Progressive Insurance (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

Beyond Data Modeling: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi, Carnegie Mellon University (Innovations)

Universal Business Glossaries and Data Models, Len Silverston, Universal Data Models (Tools)

Ontology and Graph DB for the Reluctant ER Modeler, Mark Ouska, Semantic Arts (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: 20 Rules of Analytics: Confessions of a Data Scientist, Dan McGrath, Texas Tech University

Afternoon Session

Bigger is often Better: Data Modeling in the Age of Big Data, Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi, Carnegie Mellon University (Innovations)

Friday November 15 Post-Conference Tutorials

Half Day Sessions

But I Only Have Small Data: Application of Ishikawa’s 7 Tools, Dan McGrath, Texas Tech University [morning session]

Data Structure Graph Hands-On Workshop, Doug Needham, Kore Wireless [morning session]

Ensemble Logical Modeling Workshop, Hans Hultgren, Genesee Academy [morning session]

CDMP Exams, Stacey Haurin, Corporation Service Company [afternoon session]

DMC Overview and Exam, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates [afternoon session]