Data Modeling Zone - The Program

Browse the DMZ 2018 program below, or download the full program in Adobe PDF:PDFLogo

Monday October 15 Full Day Pre-Conference Tutorials

Data Modeling Fundamentals, Steve Hoberman, Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC

A Foundation For All Things Process: Modeling, Design and Architecture, Roger Burlton and Sasha Aganova, Process Renewal Group

Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom: Tools Addressing the Human Element of Data Modeling, Len Silverston, Universal Data Models

Full Day CDMP Workshop and Testing, Sue Geuens, President of DAMA International

Tuesday October 16

Early Morning Sessions

Grooming Data Modelers, Sue Geuens, President of DAMA International (Innovations)

Data modeling tools session to be announced by May 1

Understaffed with data modelers? How to train developers as apprentice data model reviewers, Sally Greenwood, TDS Telecom (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

Mindfulness and Modeling, Len Silverston, Universal Data Models  (Innovations)

CaseTalk – Data Modeling by Example, Marco Wobben, BCP Software (Tools)

Hearing the Voice of Your Customer – Modern Corporate Management, Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technologies (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: Communicate Like A Champion, Brandon Williams, NFL Player and Entrepreneur

Afternoon Sessions

The Road to an Agile Business, Roger Burlton and Sasha Aganova, Process Renewal Group (Innovations)

Principle and Practice: Leveraging the DMBOK to improve modeling outcomes, Laura Sebastian-Coleman, Cigna (Tools)

“What don’t you get? Talk to me!”, Missy Wittmann, American Family (Case Studies)

Wednesday October 17

Special Interest Groups

ER/Studio SIG, Ron Huizenga, IDERA (Tools)

Early Morning Sessions

About Data Science, and the Dependencies between Data Scientists and Data Modelers, Abhishek Chhibber, Indalytics Advisors (Innovations)

Data vault session to be announced by May 1

Digital Transformation: Data Modeling for APIs, Christina Burnett, T-Mobile (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

Caring for the soup that feeds us all, Andy Miles,
Expeditors International of Washington and University of Washington (Innovations)

Introduction to Graph Databases and Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j, Dave Fauth, Neo Technology (Tools)

Data Modeling Case Study: A Public Sector Tale, Brad Steinke, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (Case Studies)

Keynote to be announced shortly!

Afternoon Sessions

We don’t need no stinking data models! (or how to sell data modeling to the business), Jill Camper, DST Systems, Inc. (Innovations)

Blockchain session to be announced by May 1

Tracking Sensitive Data Across the Data Landscape, Tom Faulkner, Discover Financial Services (Case Studies)

DMZ’s Famous Casino Night

Thursday October 18

Morning Chi Gung with Kent Graziano

Early Morning Sessions

Decision Modeling: how to place data at the center of your organization’s decisions, Norman Daoust, Daoust Associates (Innovations)

How to Grade a Data Model, Steve Hoberman,
Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC (Tools)

Hybrid Data Vault 2.0 Case Study: Data Warehousing in the Real World, Kent Graziano, Snowflake Computing (Case Studies)

Mid Morning Sessions

Human-Centered Design: What Is It, and Why Should You Care?, Larry Burns, PACCAR  (Innovations)

Data modeling tools session to be announced by May 1

GDPR and Data Modeling: Our Journey, Annemie Van Cauter and Rebekka Moyson, Aveve (Case Studies)


KEYNOTE: Don’t let data get in the way of a good story, Mark Madsen, Third Nature

Afternoon Sessions

Ontology and Graph DB for the Reluctant ER Modeler, Mark Ouska, Semantic Arts (Innovations)

Agile Query-Driven Data Modeling for NoSQL, Pascal Desmarets, Hackolade (Tools)

Making Sense of Your People Puzzle, Heather Marquez, ActionCOACH (Case Studies)

Friday October 19 Post-Conference Tutorials

Morning Half Day Sessions

Facilitating Business Data Modeling, Gary Rush, MGR Consulting, Inc.

Data Structure Graph Hands-On Workshop, Doug Needham, Cengage Learning

Tapping Into Your Brilliance with Mind Mapping, Heather Marquez, ActionCOACH

Afternoon Half Day Sessions

Designing an Architecture for Data and Analytics, Mark Madsen, Third Nature

Fact-Oriented Modeling Workshop, Marco Wobben, BCP Software

Agile for Data Professionals, Larry Burns, PACCAR