Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Tapping Into Your Brilliance with Mind Mapping

Heather Marquez, ActionCOACH

During this workshop, you will learn how to use what many call the “Swiss Army Knife” for your brain.  Whether you are looking to boost your memory, see the big picture, plan a project, brainstorm or be more creative, Mind Mapping is the tool that will get you there.  Why only use 10% of your brain’s ability when you can tap into so much more!

Key Objectives:

  • Learn the history behind how Mind Mapping was created.
  • Learn the fundamentals essential to making your mind maps your go to “Swiss Army Knife”
  • Experience practical, hands on application of the tool.

Join us as we apply the power of Mind Mapping in groups to come up with solutions to some of last year’s Hackathon’s biggest challenges including data modelers becoming more agile, creating a value proposition for data modeling, and increasing the consistency of data modeling terminology and roles.

Mind Mapping is an innovative tool that is fun and easy to learn.  It taps into your natural brilliance and enhances thinking, creativity, problem solving, planning, memory and decision making.  Unleash your potential with this versatile tool backed by science and used by some of the most successful companies in the world, including Apple, Disney, the United Nations and NASA.

After a couple of months as a retail cashier, at 16 Heather quickly found out through trial by fire there was more to being a leader than a title and a set of keys. This experience began her lifetime quest to build her leadership skills and help others develop theirs. Now, with more than 25 years of management, leadership, and training experience, Heather’s mission is to help others realize their purpose and passion through collaboration that will unlock their leadership potential. She supports business leaders by equipping them with the skills needed to increase employee engagement and build a positive company culture.

Heather can identify with the challenges business leaders face because for 20 years, she held management and training positions in large corporations. As a store manager and area training manager for a major retailer, she trained store managers, department leaders, and associates using corporate and professional training programs. She left the corporate world to focus exclusively on helping others develop on their journey of personal and professional growth. Heather uses the best leadership and productivity methods and tools available to achieve results: she is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer; ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Instructor; Certified Human Behavior Specialist; and an ActionCOACH. She helps individuals and teams drive results and overcome obstacles in a creative, growth driven manner in workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. She has facilitated training and development for retail, government, religion, technology, and service providers, putting in place the foundation for well-connected teams dedicated to the success of their organization.