Taxonomies and Ontologies

Visualizing Textual Analytics

Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technologies

Professionals have long recognized the need for abstraction of data. And the world of unstructured data is no different. But abstraction of data in the unstructured world takes a different form – taxonomies and ontologies.

This session is an introduction to taxonomies and ontologies and how they apply to the world of unstructured data.

About the Speaker

Bill Inmon – the “father of data warehouse” – has written 53 books published in nine languages. Bill’s latest adventure is the building of technology known as textual disambiguation – technology that reads raw text in a narrative format and allows the text to be placed in a conventional database so that it can be analyzed by standard analytical technology, thereby creating unique business value for Big Data/unstructured data. Bill was named by ComputerWorld as one of the ten most influential people in the history of the computer profession. For more information about textual disambiguation refer to