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Think dimensionally: Turn your business users into dimensional designers

Scott Joelson, Analytics8

We all know the benefits that dimensional modeling can have on data and analytics projects in ultimately delivering simpler, faster analytics to business users to achieve corporate goals. As a designer, a first step of any project, of course, is listening to business users to understand their goals and objectives, well before dashing behind a curtain to design a suitable dimensional model. What if we can improve the collaborative nature of a project, the speed of delivery, and quality of the outcome by enabling business users to think like a dimensional designer from the start?

In this session, we will discuss:

  • What dimensional modeling is and why it is important
  • How having a dimensional modeling mindset is helpful
  • How to coach business users to develop a dimensional modeling mindset
  • How to better collaborate on projects with business users

Scott is a managing consultant at Analytics8 and is based in the Madison office.  Scott is a seasoned technology professional and is passionate about helping his clients lay out a vision and plan to achieve data and analytics success.  He specializes in delivering sophisticated BI solutions and has worked across many industries, having particular focus in manufacturing and distribution, health care, financial services, and retail.