Data Modeling Master Class

A complete data modeling course, virtual or in-person, containing over 20 hours of practical techniques for producing conceptual, logical, and physical relational and dimensional and NoSQL data models. Optionally a full day case study can be added as a fourth day.

Advanced Data Modeling Workshop

Do you already know data modeling and want more? Take the Advanced Data Modeling Challenges Workshop! This one-to-three day course will sharpen your data modelling skills by having you tackle many data modeling exercises, each renforcing essential data modeling techniques.

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Are you a competent Data Professional?

Data Modeling is an essential professional skill in data management. How we use information in business is evolving and driving the development of data management techniques and technologies.  

Data architects and data modelers must learn new skills and techniques to work in the world of modern data management. 

  • Part of data stewardship competency
  • Falls within another data related competency
  • Complements a data architect competency

Data Modeling Zone provides several pathways for individuals to develop their skills-based. Below are three levels of competency which align to the sessions in each conference, as well as training and books available from the Institute of Data Management.

Typical Role

Business Managers and Executives, Operational Team leaders, Data Consumers, Data Stewards. Business Analysis, Program and Project Managers, Data Quality Analysts, Data Architects, Database Designers and Developers. Software Developers, Database and Metadata Administrators 


Data Modeling Master Class


Certified Data Modeling Practitioner – Associate Level

Recommended Reading

Data Modeling Made Simple

(Steve Hoberman)

Data Modeling for Business

(Steve Hoberman)

Data Modeling Essentials

(Simsion, Witt)

Rosedata Stones

(Steve Hoberman)

Intermediate – (Applies)

  • Can competently develop conceptual, logical and physical models 
  • Facilitate design workshops with business stakeholders
  • Experience working with an operational and dimensional model 
  • Knows a range of design techniques 
  • Understands dependencies between data models and other data management functions

Typical Role

Data Stewards. Data Architects, Database Designers, Data Administrators, Information Architect, Data Modelers Data Business Analysis 


Advanced Data Modeling


Certified Data Modeling Practitioner – Practitioner Level

Recommended Reading

The Elephant in the Fridge

(John Giles)

NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling

(Ted Hills)

Graph Data Modeling for NoSQL and SQL

(Thomas Frisendal)

Logic and Relational Theory

(C. J. Date)

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