Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Transitional Modeling and Schema by Design

Christian Kaul, Obaysch

Lars Rönnbäck, the inventor of Anchor Modeling, recently published a very interesting paper on Modeling Conflicting, Unreliable and Varying Information. In this paper, he introduced transitional modeling, a powerful new modeling technique that (among other things) allows for modeling the same body of information in different ways. In a companion article, “Schema by Design”, Rönnbäck described how with transitional modeling, you can combine information and metainformation so that for a given body of information, users can choose the model that fits their needs. In this talk, you will learn how transitional modeling and schema by design work from a simple example involving everyone’s favorite communicators, Alice and Bob.

Christian Kaul focuses on designing, implementing and maintaining data warehouses. He has several years of business intelligence experience in industries as different as tourism, healthcare and telecommunications. His project roles included data modeler, DWH developer, project manager and support team lead. He is very interested in new developments in the data modeling area and organizes a local data modeling meetup group.