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Understaffed with data modelers? How to train developers as apprentice data model reviewers

Sally Greenwood, TDS Telecom

Are you envious of IT shops with a large team of expert data modelers?  Are you struggling to “make do” with one or two, and agonizing over the projects you have to let go into production with problem-laden data designs?

Learn to leverage the small number of expert data modelers in your IT shop by creating a Logical Data Model Review program staffed by apprentice data modelers from your development teams.

This session provides a practical, step-by-step plan to start a successful logical data model review program that leverages your scarce expert data modeling resources.  Learn how to:

  • Select a group of apprentice data modelers from the development staff who can review the less-complicated data models for projects [workshop exercise]
  • Train and mentor the apprentices [workshop exercise]
  • Set up a simple process for project teams to request a reviewer
  • Define guidelines for assigning reviewers, and which reviews should be reserved for one of the Data Architects
  • Document the results of the review
  • Partner with the DBA staff to ensure only reviewed designs are implemented

Sally Greenwood, CBIP, is a Data Architect with TDS Telecom in Madison, WI.  She has over 25 years of experience designing and reviewing logical data models for operational and data warehouse systems for a wide variety of organizations, including retail, manufacturing, health care, and telecommunications. She has been writing and teaching Logical Data Modeling, Complex Decision Making and Professional Facilitation courses since 1985.  Her current Logical Data Model Review Program is entering its ninth year and has reviewed over 500 projects.  Some of her greatest professional satisfaction comes from identifying and growing talent in others.