Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

Using DMBoK to Bootstrap your Data Management and Governance

Andy Peyton, IP Australia

Over the past 15 years there has been a move away from the concept of “corporate” data management to a model based on “project” data management. Project data management has usually meant doing only what was necessary to get a project over-the-line without a lot of consideration of the longer-term needs of the enterprise. This model is driven by project cost, resources, and deliverable timeframes.

The result of this change has been a loss of standardised processes to ensure that data is managed as a corporate asset. We may now have situations where projects have done their own thing and there is no centralised data dictionary explaining our data and perhaps little knowledge of where our data actually is. We may also have data with an unknown level of quality even though this drives customer interactions and business insight. Recreating corporate data management and governance processes is a daunting task. We also have to work in a new world where there is little desire for expensive documentation and bureaucratic processes.

However, the DAMA Body of Knowledge gives us a way of:

  • Explaining the data management and governance problem to senior management,
  • prioritising problem areas,
  • identifying roles and accountability,
  • progressively building capability,
  • re-using existing material, and
  • approaching the problem using industry standards.

This presentation will give you a brief overview of the DAMA Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) and how this can be used to kick-start a lean corporate data management and governance process. Lessons learnt from going through this process at IP Australia will be used as examples.

Andy Peyton is a Senior Solutions Architect for IP Australia.  IP Australia is responsible for the issue and management of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, and Plant Breeder Rights within Australia.  Andy has worked for many years in various data management roles for different government departments and is currently leading the team in the design and development of the new database environment that will underpin IPA’s systems for the next 20 years.

Andy has previously worked in organisations such as Centrelink, Defence, Health & Ageing, Defence Housing Authority, Immigration, and the ATO.  As a result he has a keen understanding of the need for designing databases that meet the long-term needs of government departments where “applications come and go, but the data goes on forever”.

Andy has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Sydney and a Master of Management Economics from the University of NSW.  He is a senior member of the Australian Computer Society and a member of DAMA Canberra.