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We don’t need no stinking data models! (or how to sell data modeling to the business)

Jill Camper, DST Systems, Inc.

Do you keep your data models hidden?  Do your business (or even your technical) folks not understand why data models are important?  Come find out how to sell the value of a data model to your company!  In this session you will learn:  1) how to explain a data model to anyone (yes, even your grandma), 2) how to engage your business teams in the data modeling process, 3) how to show that data models add value to your company, 4) what metrics to capture to show the company that what you are doing matters,  5) ways to keep the data model ‘fresh’ so everyone will contribute to keeping it up to date.

Jill has over 16 years of data management experience in the financial services industry, including high profile conversions. For the past 7 years she has been focused on data design in both the mainframe and open systems world including traditional RDMBS design as well as Data Warehouse, Star Schemas, and BI oriented designs. She loves educating people on things data and the importance of data in our everyday lives. Jill has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her MBA and is also a Certified Data Management Professional.