Data Vault Ensemble Modeling

“What don’t you get? Talk to me!”

Missy Wittmann, American Family

A data model contains a LOT of information, this can be overwhelming and seem complex for those that really need to understand and validate it.  At the end of the day, communication is key.  How are models being presented?  Are they being walked thru in a language that all participants can understand? How well do we understand our audience?  Are we unconsciously leaving people out?  Let’s take some of the complexity out and make it easier for people to understand our data models and the information they contain.

Missy Wittmann is an Information Modeling Engineer Specialist at American Family Insurance. Missy has worked in the data modeling field for over fifteen years in various roles. She started out as a business partner on a project that was doing some data modeling and enjoyed the process so much that she changed career paths. Missy has facilitated projects for Business Modeling, Logical and Physical Data Modeling. Data Modeling is an exciting place to be in the world of technology. No matter what technology is being used to get the end result, we always need our data!