CDMP Workshop

All about DAMA's DMBOK2 and the CDMP Exams
Chris Bradley
Data Modeling Expert

17 November 2021

Live Online

This workshop addresses the Information Management disciplines as defined in the International Industry standard, DAMA body of knowledge (DMBoK) v2.  Taught by an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK(2.0) author and CDMP(Fellow) the workshop provides a foundation of the different disciplines across the Information Management spectrum.  By attending this workshop, delegates will get a firm grounding of the core Information Management concepts and a foundation for students wishing to take the Industry professional certification the DAMA Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).  Students will have the opportunity to sit the Data Management Fundamentals examination, enabling students to leave the conference having attained their CDMP (Associate) certification.

The workshop is taught by the VP of Professional Development for DAMA International, author of “Data Modelling for the Business” an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK(2.0) author, DAMA CDMP(Fellow) Past President of DAMA UK, author and examiner of the professional CDMP certification and recipient of the DAMA Lifetime Achievement Award for Data Management Excellence. 

The workshop introduces students to the different levels of the CDMP certification, and helps students consolidate their existing Information Management experience by reinforcing Data management topics contained in the CDMP syllabus at the different levels.

About the CDMP Professional certification

There are 4 levels of accomplishment for the CDMP certification, Associate, Practitioner, Master, and Fellow. 

Associate Level:

  • Recommended 2+ years relevant Data Professional work experience
  • 1 examination (Data Management Fundamentals).  Pass mark is 60%

Practitioner Level:

  • Recommended 3-5 years relevant Data Professional work experience
  • 3 examinations (Data Management Fundamentals + 2 specialist).
  • Pass mark for all 3 exams 70%

Master Level:

  • Evidence (reviewed by CDMP Fellows) of 10+ years relevant Data Management Professional work experience
  • 3 examinations (Data Management Fundamentals + 2 specialist).
  • Pass mark for all 3 exams 80%


  • By appointment only
  • Completion of all previous levels,
  • Recognised exceptional works & contributions in the Data Management field
  • Published author
  • 25+ years’ experience

The 2 specialist exams must be chosen from the following set:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Governance and Stewardship
  • Data Integration & Interoperability
  • Data & Information Quality
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Metadata Management
  • Master and Reference Data Management


Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction to Data Management, DMBoK & overview of CDMP certification:  

The DMBoK2 “core” disciplines of:

  1. Data Governance (including Data Ethics)
  2. Data Quality Management
  3. Master & Reference Data Management
  4. Data Warehousing & BI Management (including Big Data)
  5. Data Modelling
  6. Metadata Management

The other DMBoK2 disciplines:

  1. Data Integration & Interoperability
  2. Data Architecture & Data Lifecycle Management
  3. Data Risk Management, Security, Privacy & Regulatory compliance
  4. Data Operations Management
  5. Records & Content Management



Practitioners who seek to gain an overview of the different disciplines of Information Management and those seeking Professional recognition and Industry recognised certification for Information Management including: 

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse developers & architects
  • Data Modellers
  • Developers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Project / Programme Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Quality Managers
  • Information Quality Practitioners

About Chris Bradley

Christopher Bradley has spent 40 years in the forefront of the Information Management field, working for International organisations in Information Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Information Assurance, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.  

Chris is an Information Strategist and a recognised thought leader.  He advises clients including: Alinma Bank, American Express, ANZ, British Gas, Bank of England, BP, Celgene, Cigna Insurance, EDP, Emirates NBD, Enterprise Oil, ExxonMobil, GSK, HSBC, NAB, National Grid, Riyad Bank, SABB, SAMA, Saudi NIC, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Statoil, and TOTAL.

He is VP of Professional Development for DAMA-International, the inaugural Fellow of DAMA, past president of DAMA UK.  He is an author of the DMBoK 2.0 and author and examiner for professional certifications.  In 2016 Chris received the lifetime achievement award from DAMA International for exceptional services to furthering Data Management education & to the International Data Management community.

Recently he has delivered a comprehensive appraisal of Information Management practices at an Oil & Gas super major, Data Governance strategy for an Energy Utility, and developed an Information Management training program for a Government Organisation.

Chris guides Global organizations on Information Strategy, Data Governance, Information Management best practice and how organisations can genuinely manage Information as a critical corporate asset.  Frequently he is engaged to evangelise the Information Management and Data Governance message to Executive management, introduce data governance and new business processes for Information Management and to deliver training and mentoring. 

Chris is Director of the E&P standards committee “DMBoard”, sits on several International Data Standards committees, teaches at several Master’s Degree University Classes Internationally.  He authored “Data Modelling for the Business”, is a primary author of DMBoK 2.0, a member of the Meta Data Professionals Organisation (MPO) and a holder at “Fellow” level of CDMP and examiner for several professional certifications.

Chris is an acknowledged thought leader in Data Governance, author of several papers and books, and an expert judge on the annual Data Governance best practice awards.  Email:


Twitter: @Inforacer

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